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August 21, 2013

Help, I’m in love with a Muslim! (Introduction to a new mini-series)

by Simple Muslimah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful [towards all mankind], the Especially Merciful [towards the believers]

This new series of posts is dedicated to those who find themselves interested in accepting Islam because of their relationship with a Muslim.  Issues covered further in the series will also be of interest to those considering accepting Islam generally.  I pray the series is able to be of benefit  inshaAllah :).


There are many ways that people become interested in religion, including Islam.

For some it can be part of a scientific quest to search for “the truth”. 

For others the journey may have the more personal dimension of discovering the ultimate purpose of our existence. 

Trials and tribulations can motivate the afflicted to search for solace in the spiritual and Divine. 

Amongst these and others, the reason for many other individuals is due to a more human dimension: the presence of a Muslim in their life.

Whether a family member, a friend, a colleague or classmate, alhamdulillah many were guided to Islam- by the grace of God– through others who believe.  There is one key category I have missed out from my group.  No prizes for guessing who given the title of this post! A Muslim partner, in the romantic sense of the word.  Spent your life unaware of and/or apathetic towards Islam, but now find yourself suddenly facing the prospect of becoming Muslim for the one you love?  For those of you who mentally answer “yes!”, I pray you will find the humble naseeha (advice) in this series helpful inshaAllah.

Before beginning the series I want to make it clear that the intention here is not to judge or criticise anyone.  In Islam judgement is left solely to Allah SWT, the Creator and Most Just.  I am pointing this out here as the first part of the series will include the intentions and conditions behind accepting Islam, which may surprise those who think becoming Muslim only to please/marry their Muslim partner is recommended by the religion.  Later posts will cover topics including how to actually become a Muslim, key tenets of faith, what being Muslim means on a day-to-day basis and whether it will require major changes to your current lifestyle, worship and anything else I might be able to come up with as we go along!  If you read the series and have any suggestions, please comment and let me know :).

The motivation behind this series is to offer a helping hand to anyone seriously interested in accepting Islam- who may well find this series via a google search!!- and to provide a platform for asking for support/guidance inshaAllah (although this of course is one of the main purposes of the entire blog itself 🙂 ).  Whatever/whoever motivated you to get to this starting point to find out more about the religion- Muslim partner or not!- may Allah SWT bless your journey and make it a means of your accepting Islam fully, sincerely and with a heart at ease.  Ameen!


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