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July 15, 2013

Makkah Live Stream

by Simple Muslimah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

*Step inside the holiest Masjid (Mosque) in Islam this Ramadaan, from the comfort of your very own home*

I have mentioned (rather excitedly!)  in previous years that the holy month of Ramadaan features an extra prayer- the Taraweeh prayer- which is performed during the nights of Ramadaan.  The amazing thing about these prayers is that in many congregations the world over the Quran will have been recited in its entirety by the end of the month.  It is a beautiful opportunity to engage with the book of Allah evening after evening for a whole month, and for many of us it is a blessing we are desperately in need of.  Taraweeh prayers are most definitely one of the things I love the most about Ramadaan and this year I am already feeling sad about the absence of them post-Ramadaan, even though we are still in the early stages- day 6 as I blog today!

If you asked me where I would most love to perform the Taraweeh prayers if I had the choice of anywhere in the world, there would only be one winner!  Where else than at the House of Allah*, in Makkah, the honoured city!  Those pilgrims lucky enough to be spending their Ramadaan in Makkah are truly blessed indeed.  It is a place where a single prayer is multiplied in its reward ordinarily, so imagine the mountains of rewards in a month where good deeds are further multiplied in their value!  And given the centrality of the Quran to Ramadaan, there is something very special (beyond what words can express) about spending your Ramadaan praying in a city where so many of the verses of Quran were revealed, in a place where so much of the early history of Islam was shaped.

The Holy Mosque in Makkah. The Ka’bah can be seen in the middle.

Although I am not there (I pray that the Almighty will invite me for a Ramadaan in Makkah soon!) I do have somewhat of a consolation prize.   From right home in the UK I can still step into that most blessed of congregations to watch and listen to the Taraweeh prayers live as they are performed in Makkah.  And you can too!  The reciters of Quran in the Holy Mosque at Makkah are some of the world’s best mashaAllah, so if you would like to experience a hair-raising night tune in to Taraweeh prayers using the youtube link (which happily provides live English translation) below:

[I have edited out the link now Ramadaan is over as it is no longer available]

Saudi Arabia is currently two hours ahead of the UK, so I switch on around 7.30 p.m. UK time to take my place.  You will have to decide what time to drop in for yourself depending on where you are located :).

For those Muslims craving to be in Makkah during this blessed month I hope this is some sort of a consolation for you! 

For those non-Muslims wondering what goes on in Makkah- step right in and find out during this blessed month, Ramadaan! 

*The Ka’bah in Makkah is known as the House of Allah, a  reference to the fact that it is the first place on earth established for the worship of the Creator of the Heavens and Earth.  The modern day masjid housing the Ka’bah is currently undergoing extension and renovation to facilitate the increased number of pilgrims year by year

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