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November 9, 2011

Feature: Hajj Diary Series, Part 25

by Simple Muslimah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Zinger is back and buzzing.

He says that when the rain started everyone instead of running for cover was trying to get onto the third floor to do tawaf in the rain.

Everyone shattered so we just rest up.

That night Zinger wants to sleep but me and Moshy got other ideas and drag him out. We have a good stint in the massage chairs. Proper hits the spot.

While we have been here we have been making friends with the staff and the security guards. I see one of the guards reading and ask him what it is. He tells me it’s Al-Muwatta by Imam Malik and he gives it to me as a present.
This is brotherhood.

I met up with two amazing brothers. We sit in my amazing view location. They try hard to pretend not to be impressed but I know they are. What felt like a half hour was in fact four hours. Good times.

Wake up for Friday. Body aching. Army seems to have gone. Yesterday’s scenes of chaos seem to be over.

Army are back two hours before Jummah.

Zinger wants me to come with him to see a friend of his. The friend has also brought someone with him. We show them the awesome view and then decide we are going to check out the real big timers in Zamzam Towers.
We go up around another thirty floors and see a fire exit. He who dares wins so we take it. We find some stairs and after that more stairs. We twist and turn until we come out into open air…

We are on the roof of Zam Zam Towers.
We are ON the ROOF of Zam zam Towers!

The green clock is within throwing distance!
The view is out of this world and we can’t believe we are here.

We pray up here. We are just transfixed to the view.
I will never forget this moment. I don’t want to leave as I am scared I will never find this view again.

We have got to try to find this with the lads tomorrow.

I was getting some solid sleep till mum wakes me early in the morning. Some of the ladies have given mum the idea of doing her farewell tawaf now. We get going on the second floor and mum’s energy is amazing.

I am shattered and looking forward to getting some sleep between Zuhr and Asr but apparently we are moving hotels even though we here for one more night only.

Me and mava are just sorting the luggage out in the corridor and for some unknown reason it starts a chain reaction of everyone thinking they need to put their luggage outside as well. Nobody even questioned it. Scary.

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