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November 9, 2011

Feature: Hajj Diary Series, Part 24

by Simple Muslimah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We make our way to Mina before Fajr.

We are just mingling with the people, waiting for the time of Jamarat.
It’s a lot more peaceful and calmer than the last time I was here.
Speaking of last time, we did the jamarat and had arranged a meeting point if any of our group of around ten people got split. I got there and found we were three brothers short so I told everyone else to wait and I would go and find them. From a far distance, I made out the brothers. I thought I could either go into the crowd and get them or I could shout out to them from where I stood. I opted to shout…

It’s an awkward feeling when all of a sudden some 40,000 people stop what they are doing and look right at you…

We let the initial crowds go and we make our way. Again so, so easy. Alhumdulillah.

Our Hajj is officially over and complete. May Allah accept it from us and all those who came to make this journey.

Mava gets big hugs and mum gets big hugs and lots of kisses.

We start the long trek back to Makkah. So many happy faces. Beaming they were. In the tunnels there are gangs of motorbike riders who are ferrying people back and forth for a petty price. Obviously time is of the essence so they going at crazy speeds with their passengers on the back.

We make it back and I attempt to have a Radox foot soak but a friend calls to tell me he is outside. I rush out only to find he had gone. Git. If he wasn’t so dear to me I’d jab him in his ribs when I see him next.

We pray Asr and return to our room.

What happen next was truly amazing.
The rain poured down. It poured and it poured.
People are running for cover and the lightning is flashing.
Unbelievable. If we hadn’t done our tawaf the day before we would have had to do it now in these conditions. Every single thing has gone perfect for us.
Allah is most Just.

The army is blocking the entrances to the Haram but people are forcing their way in.
From our window we watch the scenes. I cannot see a single bit of ground on the third floor. It is just jam packed full of people.
People are returning to the hotel soaked.
Mum and the ladies want tea so I go down to the shopping centre to get some. It’s packed out. Fights break out over the lift. Everyone is going nuts.

We are worried about Zinger. Everyone in our room is accounted for except him.
Few of us are just watching the scenes from the amazing view I found. Nobody speaks. Just transfixed to the view and the scenes.
Tons of umbrellas going round and round.
For Sa’ee, you see people on the top floor running the whole distance.

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