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November 5, 2011

Feature: Hajj Diary Series, Part 19

by Simple Muslimah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We arrive in Mina and get to our tents.

So many people trying to take up more space than what they need forgetting that we are expecting the brothers who are coming on foot.
This is another reason I am so proud of the brothers who roomed with me in Makkah. We take just enough space that we need and when others need space we make it for them. May Allah love these brothers. Their hearts are so big.

Zinger breaks out the turkey sandwiches and they really go down a treat. Genius, that boy.

As I look round the tent I see many different people. Different because they will each draw personal experiences from this. Some use their time well and others just complain and backbite.
Those who have contentment will have contentment regardless and those who complain and backbite will do so regardless.
I truly make du’a that I am of the first and Allah keeps me far from being the second.

The walking group arrive and my mava (that’s what we call your mum’s brother) is with them. In typical mava fashion he refuses to sleep indoors.
In fact, in Makkah, the brothers in our room keep telling me to get him to stay with us inside our luxury accommodation. But mava wouldn’t have it preferring the outside.
He camps nearby and has an amazing knack of only being a minute away whenever mum or I need him.

It is so annoying when men move the curtain that separates the men and women’s tent. They think it’s fine as they have someone in there but forget they are not mehram to the other hundred plus that are there.

Mava finds a hospital nearby and stocks up on free antibiotics and other bits which is fantastic as the chemist in Mecca wanted 71 riyal for a course of antibiotics.

Just saw a Haji flip because he didn’t get a drink with his meal. Proper crazy.

Early night tonight as it’s the biggest day of all tomorrow.

Woke up for Fajr and thought it going to be ages before the coaches arrive to take us to Arafat. SubhanAllah the coaches are here and we get to our destination by 9am.

We have water coolers in the tents and they are topped up around three times a day with ice and then later with water bottles for us.
A couple of times I see someone come and take the water bottles out of the container claiming they are topping the containers up. Someone points out that these people are the ones that are camped on the road and I realise yet again that something we take for granted even here not everyone has.

Arafat is truly amazing. Truly there is something in the air.

You see amazing generosity on Arafat, you see people sleeping the whole day, you see people crying their eyes out and you see people just wasting time. In short, Arafat is Hajj because you will get what you want from it.

Mava is a gangster! He prays inside the masjid and still tracks us down in our camp. I find out he has serious toothache but he is a solider and does not complain one little bit.

Maghrib comes and it’s funny watching everyone grab their bags thinking they are going to Muzdalifah this instant.
Six hours later our turn arrives and it’s worrying how people clamber and run like they going to be left behind.
We wait patiently till the very end and get on the coach. Those who were hasty are now packed into the coaches like sardines in a tin, but we have loads of room. Zinger is dishing out cheese on crackers. I flippin love him!

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