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November 4, 2011

Spurt of Hajj Diary Updates!

by Simple Muslimah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

You’ll notice that there’s been a mad spurt of updates with the Hajj Diary Series.

While I intended to post regular updates with the diary when we first started out, this hasn’t always happened.

Actually, in the end it has worked out quite well.  What I’ve done is to post updates all the way up to the point in Hajj that we are at right now (the brother’s diary covers Hajj last year mashaAllah).

So, as this years Hujjaj (Hajj pilgrims) are arriving in Mina and gearing up for the big day at ‘Arafah tomorrow inshaAllah, this is the same point we are at with the Diary.  InshaAllah I’ll post the next update tomorrow, on the day of ‘Arafah, as the brother’s next diary entry covers both arriving in Mina and ‘Arafah.

Hope those of you reading this are enjoying it as much as I did when I read it.  May Allah reward the brother for allowing us to share his experience, ameen.

To see all the Hajj diary entries posted so far select ‘Features’ from the blog’s category list or click here.

Coming soon…The day of ‘Arafah!



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