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November 4, 2011

Feature: Hajj Diary Series, Part 18

by Simple Muslimah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Jumu’ah today was packed!

Top floor was empty again due to people being unable to sit in the heat for hours on end waiting for the salah. If you want a spot seeing the Ka’bah you got to be in there for at the latest 9am.

I been showing everyone the view I found. The room has not been completed yet and whoever gets it ain’t going to want curtains put in I promise you that.

I can’t believe someone took my slippers for the second day in a row! Awesome slippers they were too. Like walking on air.
I have to buy some naff ones as all the good ones are sold out. So embarrassing.

We try flagging a cab down to go visit Zinger’s friends but the drivers are trying to do their level best to rip us off. In the end we give up. It was crazy what they were asking for.

We leave tonight for Mina. Mecca was buzzing last night more than normal. People trying to get all their shopping in.
I really wish I had rested yesterday.

I would much rather prefer to leave in the morning but I have mum with me and she wants me to stay with her.

My uncle going to come with the walking group in the morning and meet us in Mina. He has decided to do Hajj also.

Zinger has bought a loaf of bread and turkey slices for breakfast in Mina. Ohh ay love! Only Zinger could think of something like that.

I am not allowed to leave the room to go buy an ice cream till I write that Terminator has invented mango lassi in Mecca. Zinger been trying to buy it but couldn’t find it anywhere and now he necking it down like it’s the last thing on earth and his life depends on it.

We get into ihram after Maghrib but don’t make niyah. We are relaxing till we get confirmation that we are leaving. Isha comes so we pray and wait. We waiting and waiting. Hours tick by and still nothing. We nip out for ice cream with flake.
We have a really good deep talk and then break for Coke and a chocolate.

We finally nod off around 2.30am only to be woken at 4am and told the coaches are finally here.
We have to walk a short distance to the point where the coaches are going to pick us up.
Fajr is prayed on a dusty road on a little bit of cardboard.
An auntie decides that she wants a cup of tea so she volunteers me with the task of getting it. I get knocked around by a load of blokes all trying to get their milk and two sugars.

Coaches arrive and some people show their true colours and completely ignore the women and elderly and push to get on first.
I really, really hate it when this happens. It is as if the world is going to end and this is the only form of transport that will deliver them to safety.

We manage to restore order and we are off.
Me and a revert brother from Swansea get the Talbiyah going in full effect.
The road not nearly as busy as I thought.

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