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November 4, 2011

Feature: Hajj Diary Series, Part 14

by Simple Muslimah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We have been watching these guys working on the building next to us.

What makes a man hang off the side on the 15th floor of the building without a safety rope and kick away at the very support he is resting on? The government should use this as work encouragement. Get a job or we will be sending you here!

It’s amazing watching the people from up here. At Dhuhr they fill the spaces that are in the shade and then bit by bit as the shade comes across they fill that too.

I was sitting down and an Indonesian brother comes to ask if I am from Bakersfield, California. I tell him I’m not and he says that there is a bloke in his local masjid who looks just like me. Seems Bakerfield has had a case of studmuffinitus also!

I keep getting chewing gum with my change in the shops. Are they trying to tell me something?

I’ve told mum from now on she is going to leave her gang in the evenings and come with me to sit in front of the Ka’bah.

Today I was praying and I had just finished when I saw a cat pounce on something. It only does that when its catches a mouse or something like that. I look closely and it has a pigeon in its mouth. I thought that sort of thing only happens in the cartoons as I’ve seen cats and pigeons next to each other and nothing has happened.
The cat takes its dinner and nips into a derelict building.

Amazing. I watch from our window. I can see hundreds of thousands of people and Allah knows the hearts of each and every single one.

We are so fortunate to have an uncle with us who is a Quran hafiz (he has committed the whole Quran to memory) and very wise. I love listening to him.
Today we were talking about the achievements of man and it is nothing for Allah He said something so simple yet so powerful. ‘So what if man has stepped on the moon? Allah took his beloved to the heavens’.

I will never forget this evening as long as I live. I took mum and we sat on the ground floor right by the Ka’bah just looking at it and making du’a to Allah.
I did not want it to end but mum has to get back and rest. She asked me to make a special du’a for myself. She has never before asked me to do this.
I am going to bring her every night we are here InshAllah.

Manchester lad and I go on a hunt for an internet café. I saw one a couple of days ago so we hit the streets.
We find it and they charge 15 riyal an hour which is a rip off but we have no choice. We try to take in all the news and Manchester lad shows me a real good lecture on the Mercy of Allah. I want to watch all of it when I get back to England.

I decide I am going to hit tawaf at 2am. Loved it. Was on the sixth circuit and I came in between an old Turkish couple. The old man starts to shout at me even though I am getting pushed from behind. I put my hands in the air to show him I am not doing anything and then someone gives me a big push. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem but it just happens that right in the middle of the tawaf two blokes decide that is a acceptable place to be in sajood so I fell over them. I jumped up as quick as a flash in case I get trampled. Few things annoy me as much as that here. What’s worse is when they praying in the most awkward places and then get upset with you if you interrupt them.

Mum tells me that an auntie from her room had her bag stolen from right in front of her while she sat waiting for salah. It was in a women’s only area. The bag was in front of her and a lady came and asked for a bottle of water which was slightly behind her. The auntie turned around and then turned back to give her the bottle. A moment later the auntie realised the bag was gone. Shameful.

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