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October 7, 2011

Feature: Hajj Diary Series, Part 7

by Simple Muslimah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It’s packed! Nothing like last time I came. I was expecting another Rawdah-like situation, but thankfully people praying and leaving, making room for others. We get to travel for five riyal there and back in a private van we hired. Bargain.

Apparently my late night munch buddy didn’t go to bed after we returned and went to the mosque instead. There he got smacked quite hard by a guard and he been whinging about it all morning and afternoon.

One thing I’ve learnt is people go nuts for anything free. No order or control. In this case its all for a free leaflet or book.

This Ummah needs more leaders and less followers.  All it would take is for one person to form order but they let mayhem ensue.

I have arranged mum’s treat for the morning. Don’t ask me how (because I won’t tell) but I have arranged for mum to be taken to the Rawdah and to have her own space to pray for as long as she wants without being disturbed.

I too have the same deal and go to the Rawdah and make du’a for so many people by name. I am here for so long that I am even given a chair. Strangers start to shake my hand thinking I am someone of importance!

Mum wants to go shopping. She sees what she likes and buys it. None of this ‘lets keep on looking’ carry on.  Like it, buy it and take it. Simple.  Another reason I love her so much.

A few of the lads decide we going for a midnight tour. We couldn’t have picked a more off-key driver if we had tried.  This guy did not like us and I am sure he was swearing at us and not under is breath either. It was a mad trip. We were having a laugh amongst ourselves and maybe he thought we was laughing at him. Who knows?  We did not leave on good terms.

Had another midnight munch.

We find another driver to take us back. He was an amazing guy with great conversation.  I was so impressed I actually tipped the guy and I never tip but I gladly break my rule for him.

Due to the time restraint we are unable to get mum to the Rawdah at the agreed time. I am gutted but InshaAllah she will be in there Friday.

I really have got to stop bringing books with me. I always worry I won’t find anything here so I bring my own and then end up with five times the amount that I bring with me.

We got to see the umbrellas close today. Amazing.

Me thinks that starting a conversation with a stranger is becoming a lost art. Many times I start the conversation by offering the man next to me some of my itar and off we go from there. I love it when someone beats me to starting the conversation.

I keep forgetting that for many this is a once in a lifetime first experience, but I don’t think the feeling is all that different from how I feel. I don’t think you can ever get relaxed or not caught up in the moment in this sort of environment.

I don’t have ‘knock in nails’ feet like some other men here so my baby soft ones are taking a pounding.

Bought a bucket. I throw in my Radox salts, add hot water and soak feet.
Instant ‘aaahhhhhhh’.

I watch a young Bangladeshi who I assume works in the masjid. I watch him give dawah to a group of Bangladeshi elders. I didn’t understand a word, but I understand adab and he had it in abundance. It was so plain to see Alhumdulillah. He engaged them in an amazing manner. He smiles throughout and lets them have their saying without cutting in at anytime. He asks them questions and answers theirs. When salaah time came and he had to leave every single one of the elders gets up to hug him such was the effect he had on them. You could tell it wasn’t out of courtesy but sheer love.



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