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September 5, 2011


‘Eid ul Fitr around the World

by Simple Muslimah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The end of Ramadhan is marked by Muslims through the celebration of ‘Eid ul Fitr.  Special ‘Eid prayers are performed on this day and like any time of joy you can guarantee that a lot of hugs, smiles, food, fun and generosity will be part of the mix!  Here are some pictures of ‘Eid ul Fitr prayers from around the world this year (click on the thumbnails to see each image).

And here are some images of ‘Eid festivities:

Yemenis dance with ceremonial daggers to celebrate ‘Eid

Indian Muslims preparing to celebrate ‘Eid the night before

Celebrating with an ‘Eid meal in the Philippines

‘Eid face painting in Egypt

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  1. Sep 20 2011

    @ Emily: Peace and welcome to LTML!
    Thanks for asking about the pictures. Can you let me know the URL of your site/blog please (the one your comment refers to). I’d like to have a look before responding to your request :).


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