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August 7, 2011

Too cool to miss at school!

by Simple Muslimah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Ramadhan only comes around once a year, 30 days and nights which seem to disappear in the blink of an eye for those lucky enough to witness them.  It explains why we all want to do our best in these days when it is so much easier to undertake good deeds (imagine the spiritual ‘high’ equivalent of having drunk a multi pack of Redbull!) and that much easier to refrain from sinning (if only the devils could be chained up for the whole year and not just one month!).

I remember as a kid hating to have to go to school in the morning during Ramadhan, because I wanted to stay at home and pile up good deeds by carrying on reciting Quran in those blessed hours.  Obviously I was always marched out of the door to head to school, but the great thing is that Ramadhan doesn’t end the minute we leave our prayer mat or put down our copy of the Quran to head to school, uni, work, to look after our children or whatever else occupies us.

We take Ramadhan with us wherever we go, alhamdulillah.  Most of us make a resolution to be on our best behaviour during Ramadhan (inshaAllah as a 30 day intensive training course for the rest of the year!) so even things as small as waiting and holding a door open for someone can count as an act of worship- with the usual reward multiplied obviously!

So here are some reflections from a few of us about fasting at school, for those non-Muslims who might wonder what it’s like :). InshaAllah posts about fasting on campus and at work should follow soon.

– Getting ready in the mornings was so much easier- not having to deliberate on what to have for breakfast!

– Saved a month’s worth of lunch money (or mum and dad did anyway)

–  Homework could be got out of the way during break/lunch time so it didn’t have to be done at home (the geeks!)

– Homework could be done at suhoor time (everyone else!) 

– Dead embarrassing if your stomach would grumble loudly while the class was listening quietly to the teacher talking!

– Despite the warnings of teachers, sports weren’t actually that much harder because of the fasting (you might have felt a little thirst at the end of a 60 minute session, but ask an orphan in Africa about the real meaning of that word)

– Food tech lessons sucked: that Pizza I’ve just made smells mouthwatering!  It still tasted good (reheated!) at iftaar time

– My Physics teacher was a major fan of monotone lecturing.  I used to multi-task in his class: my ears would listen to him while my tongue would remember Allah under my breath! 

– You quickly learn which staff members are the genuinely nice ones- the ones who let you pray in their classrooms!

– Making wudhu in school bathrooms….that one’s best left to the imagination!

– Some of the time I would still go to lunch with my friends while fasting.  Sitting there being the only one not eating was kinda special despite sometimes being a little hard- because you knew you were only refraining from your own chips for the sake of Allah!

– You’re allowed to stay up seriously late on school nights, all for a good reason of course 😉 

– During winter when fasts would open on the journey home from school: one eye would be on the watch, the other on the drink/snack in hand!

– Got to have a day off school for ‘Eid while your non-Muslim friends still had to go to class! 


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