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July 4, 2011

Feature: Hajj Diary Series, Part 4

by Simple Muslimah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I had the tawaf all worked out in my head with mum right behind me holding my hand, but the thing about plans is that they rarely go how you expect. 

I forgot to factor in that my uncle is as protective of my mum as I am. He takes her hand and gets right into the tawaf.  I stay by mum’s side and keep her away from being carried away by the moment and following some of the foolishness we see like people rubbing the Maqaam Ibraheem.

An opening comes up to touch the Yemani corner so I take it and take mum also.

The tawaf is done in no time at all. Advantages of coming a month before Hajj.

We start the Sai which is absolutely empty.

Cleaners are out and they splashing water mixed with a cleaning agent over my feet which upsets me as I’m still in Ihram.

We finish, snip our hair and make our way back to the Hilton to change our clothes.

I find all my roommates in bed! Crazy! We only here for one day before we set off for Medina so why aren’t people making the most of it?

Me, mum and uncle spend the whole day out. Meet amazing people and also wonder where on earth that massive green clock came from along with the plush complex under it.

Meet one lady who unfortunately has lost her teenage son the day before during salah and has been sitting in the same spot so that maybe he would find her.

They don’t have a hotel and sleep outside. She wouldn’t even take a cup of tea till mum forced her.

Spend ages looking for a public call booth but they seem to have done away with most of them. Buy chips for our phones and then try texting family in England but can’t get through. I take the chips back and the guy tells me that due to the amount of people trying to use the networks they have real problems with them which begs the issue why he didn’t tell me half an hour ago when I bought them!

Mum loving the endless supply of Zamzam and we really drinking our fill.

Amazed at how well behaved the youngster are at salah time. No fighting amongst themselves and they try to get to the front.

Lots of stray cats. Lots of pigeons also but I like both.

I see a big group of Hujjaj outside the Haram with their shoulders uncovered. I smile and correct them and every single one listens. Amazing what gentleness can achieve.

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