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June 2, 2011

Feature: Hajj Diary Series, Part 2

by Simple Muslimah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We arrive at night 

Mum is crying tears of joy. I have never seen her this excited. The look on her face truly sums up what all of this means to her and how years and years of making dua, crying, sometimes thinking it was never going to happen and then counting down the days for the last six months has come down to this.

The plane lands before we know it and the doors open. As soon as you step out it’s like a massive hairdryer blowing hot air at you. Instant heat.

We get into the airport and it has definitely changed since I was here last. So so much better. Last time I came they had us on the bus from the plane to the airport for so long we missed the whole of Fajr! A bus full of hajjis and they didn’t think that maybe we wanted to pray Fajr! It was an absolute joke last time.

Finally I can stop my, ‘Don’t use the airport toilet’ warning!

They are passing us through the airport in no time. Just as soon as we sit down they tell us to get up and go onto the next part.

We pass this one part where it’s packed full of African hajjis.

Brothers! If you have never waved and given salaam to a room full of African brothers I strongly recommend you do it if given the chance! You will make an army of friends in seconds! Beautiful smiles mashaAllah!

If it wasn’t for a small hold up at the passport desk due to the group in front trying to wander round the airport we would have walked right through and out the airport.

The guy that checks the passport desk calls my mum ‘Hajji Momma’ which makes us laugh.

We get out the airport and they take us to a waiting area. Our luggage is put in containers and pulled by a buggy and we follow it.

Mum brings my attention to a group of Africans who are having to carry their luggage to the waiting areas and trust me it ain’t a short distance.

We get to the waiting area and just relax for a bit and pray our ‘Isha.

Mum wanted some water and a brother overheard her and gave me a bottle.

Made a mental note to remember him so I can make it up to him later.

We are not there long at all when we told our coach is ready and we board. We hand over our passports as we get on.

From the moment we land to the moment we board the coach is just under four hours! A new Saudi record me thinks!

Next salah will be Fajr at the HARAM!!

What could possibly go wrong now?

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