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May 30, 2011


I Love…

by Simple Muslimah

I love leading a salaah only to turn at the end to find more sitting behind me

I love when people I have never met give me salaam

I love to share attar with those next to me

I love my face on the floor

I love being honored as a guest

I love being a servant

I love listening to children call each other by the names of Sahaabah

I love watching reverts learn

I love fasting without others knowing

I love being corrected by others

I love that my Lord is close to me night and day

I love my mother asking me if I’ve eaten

I love that my father calls me his son

I love the raindrop as it hits the window

I love sickness

I love my neighbours asking from me

I love my nieces in their little hijaabs

I love when they fast a bit today, a bit tomorrow to put it together to make a full one

I love that Hellfire will establish justice and welcome the oppressors

I love that a wound heals

I love every tear that falls from fear and regret

I love learning a name of Allah

I love the leaf that falls from the tree seeking permission before it does so

I love watching ants work in unison

I love looking at my hand marveling at the creation

I love every second that Allah keeps me safe

I love that my blind brother has patience and seeks his reward

I love keeping the company of the righteous

I love the scholars

I love that the poor have a provider and the rich will be reckoned

I love being in awe of a hadith

I love learning of the practice of the predecessors

I love that in the heat of the midday my sisters will not compromise

I love that a person will return home for his Quran

I love that every soul shall be measured and given its due

I love that dua is accepted while I’m travelling

I love that Aisha (ra) is our mother

I love sleeping in the Masjid

I love that my black brother stands foot to foot with my white brother

I love that my mother makes a sweet dish the morning of ‘Eid

I love that I am allowed to smile after heartache

I love fetching the shoes of the elderly in the mosque

I love sitting and starring at the Ka’bah like my long lost love

I love keeping my tongue moist with dhikr

I love that sneezes are a blessing from my Lord

I love lowering my gaze knowing that I will be given better

I love that by Allah’s Mercy I stand a chance of entering Jannah

I love to hear and obey

I love that my Lord loves to be asked

I love contentment

I love knowing that Paradise is eternal

I love that my sins are hidden

I love that Islam is the truth in every language of the world…


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  1. Hayat
    May 30 2011

    Ma sha’ Allah so beautiful! Jazak’Allah khair.


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