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May 19, 2011

Featured Posts

by Simple Muslimah

To make it easier to navigate content on the blog, posts are categorised.  So far, from my lofty Admin p.o.v, I can see fifteen categories which have been created.  You’re seeing considerably less, as readers can only view categories which have been populated (i.e. already contain at least one post).  InshaAllah the other categories will begin to appear as more content is added.

One of the categories, which you won’t be able to see until I click ‘publish’ at the end of this post, is Features.  This category, as the name suggests, is a little bit special.  While the blog generally is intended to become a collection of ordinary thoughts and experiences from a Muslim perspective, the featured posts will cover topics which break free from the realms of ordinary experience.  They will inshaAllah vary in the nature of the topics covered, but what they will have in common is that they will provide a lens into a unique experience beyond the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Sound interesting?  We hope so :).

Read more from Features

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