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May 8, 2011


What Muslim Life?

by Simple Muslimah

Islam is not simply a creed we believe in.  While there is a day of the week which is holier than others, Jumu’ah, Islam is not something we ‘do’ on that day while we get on with our day-to-day lives during the rest of the week.  In fact, the opposite is very much true: Islam is a way of life- a framework if you like- around which we try to base all our thoughts, words and actions.  Since we have submitted ourselves to the will of our Creator, we accept that living our lives as He has decreed for us takes precedence over our own whims and desires.

What does this mean in practice for someone living the ‘Muslim’ life?  It means that while we do have specific rituals in areas such as worship and celebration, living our lives by Islam more broadly encompasses everything we say and do.  As a result you will find experiences on this blog to do with obviously ‘Muslim’ issues such as prayer and covering, but also to do with general issues such as relationships, parenting, education, citizenship, finance, recreation and so forth from an Islamic perspective.  A seemingly irreligious topic, such as my attitude towards driving, suddenly becomes part of my experience of living my life as a Muslim when my religious belief influences that attitude and informs my behaviour.

So what you have to look forward to on this blog are our thoughts and experiences from the specifically ‘Muslim’ to the seemingly mundane, all from our perspective as those who have submitted to our Creator, Allah .

Posts will inshaAllah be organised into loose categories on the blog in order to make navigating content easier, particularly as the site develops and expands.

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  1. Scented Blood
    May 13 2011

    May Allah reward you and put much baraqa in this.


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