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All the Earth is a Place for Prostration

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

*Reminder: italicised terms used in this post can be found on the Key Terms and Expressions page*

Five times a day Muslims pause and reflect, turning to their Lord no matter where they are or what they are doing.  The five obligatory, daily prayers in Islam offer a time-out from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, five conversations between the servant and his Lord. Read more


I Love…

I love leading a salaah only to turn at the end to find more sitting behind me

I love when people I have never met give me salaam

I love to share attar with those next to me Read more »


Feature: Hajj Diary Series, Part 1

I don’t leave without making the dua for travel and the ease that follows is amazing


We get to the airport early as mum has a thing about being early to everything and I mean everything!

The family comes to see us off. My younger brother only comes as he feels it’s his God given right to be treated to food and drink at the airport at everyone else’s expense.

We see everyone off and it’s not as emotional as when we left home thankfully. My nieces took it real bad. Read more »


Feature: Diary Series!

The first featured piece is coming very soon inshaAllah!  It is going to be a very exciting diary series, giving you an insight into an experience which is largely shut off to non-Muslims.  Well written and based on profound emotions and events, we’re sure you will enjoy reading it inshaAllah. Read more »


Featured Posts

To make it easier to navigate content on the blog, posts are categorised.  So far, from my lofty Admin p.o.v, I can see fifteen categories which have been created.  You’re seeing considerably less, as readers can only view categories which have been populated (i.e. already contain at least one post).  InshaAllah the other categories will begin to appear as more content is added.

One of the categories, which you won’t be able to see until I click ‘publish’ at the end of this post, is Features. Read more »


Gifts R Us


Everybody loves getting a gift!  Most of us love giving them too.  Gift-giving has become a hallmark of how we celebrate and congratulate, a universal way of strengthening and maintaining ties with others regardless of age, gender, race or nationality.

Islam is a complete way of life and as a result no aspect of our lives or interaction is seen as being insignificant enough to be neglected by the religion, gift-giving included! Read more »


‘No I don’t wear it when I’m sleeping!’ and other answers to questions about hijaab

Disclaimer: this article is not a detailed exposition of covering in Islam.  It is a piece related to my own experiences as a Muslim woman who covers, in terms of the questions I have been asked by non-Muslims on the topic.  

*** Read more »


Forgiving for the sake of Allah

Who doesn’t hate conflict and falling out with people?  Disagreements, even the smallest ones, can suddenly and out of nowhere become messy, emotional affairs.  The world would definitely be a better place if we could all get along with each other, all of the time.  Unfortunately that’s plain wishing thinking, except in Jannah inshaAllah! Read more »


Eat the sweets where no-one can see you

A man once gathered his three young sons together.  He gave each boy a bag of sweets and the same simple instruction: “My sons, go each of you and eat these sweets in a place where no-one will see you and then return to me.” Read more »


What Muslim Life?

Islam is not simply a creed we believe in.  While there is a day of the week which is holier than others, Jumu’ah, Islam is not something we ‘do’ on that day while we get on with our day-to-day lives during the rest of the week.  In fact, the opposite is very much true: Islam is a way of life- a framework if you like- around which we try to base all our thoughts, words and actions. Read more »